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TDK is a world leader in magnetic technology, offering comprehensive electronic components to its customers. The company produced the first ferrite cores in the world. TDK’s major markets include, Automotive, ICT and Industrial and Energy. Their components operate in numerous applications—they provide critical functionality in smartphones, personal computers, electrical appliances, industrial equipment, and automobiles. TDK’s components are created from scratch, using in- house developed materials. This results in products that are thoroughly researched and unparalleled.

Multitek and TDK

Multitek works closely with TDK to source products that support social development, supplying high-quality components to their clients. TDK’s superb global management resources allow Multitek to promise their clients excellent goods in a timely manner.

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Multikek team mainly deals in passive components , we are reliable partners to both customers and manufacturers. Building relationship rather than building sales figures is what we aim for . Any segment all applications, one solution - multitek

Channel Partners

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